Been almost a month…time for another post!

So how’ve you been…??

Believe it or not I’ve been pretty busy….yeah, makes a change. Well the idea was to get issue two of DubCity Comics up and running, and as usual I made great headway, only to lose track midway. Discipline is a little bit of a problem for me these days!

I’ve scripted three tales for the ish, finished one completely, pics, lettering and a bit of greytone, and have started pencils for the next tale, that is I have almost 3 pages pencilled! Going at a good pace I can finish in a week, fingers crossed!!

The new thing for me is I’ve applied the Marvel method to these scripts…that is writing  short synopsis of the story, then laying out the pencils, refining and inking then deciding on the text to finalise the story. Can prove tricky if you don’t leave enough space in your panels. All in all it proved a better way for me to tell a story, quicker to formulate, and as I write for myself I didn’t have to refer to a script when thinking of the sequentials!!

Make it sound so Professional don’t I….I’m really just a chancer!

Here’s an image from the completed strip….as a sneak peak!




~ by alannolan on September 29, 2009.

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