So what have I been working on?

Well you might ask, regular blogging doesn’t seem to be my thing at all…maybe I don’t have enough innermost thoughts to share!

But I have been busy…first off I read loads, All Star Batman and Robin (hmmm, not so good), Transmetropolitan, (better, I like Darrick Robertsons work), and just putting The Boys book 4 to bed now (ennis/robertson always a winner!)

So after the reading whats been doing…eh put up some shelves, but thats not comic related, did quite a bit of cleaning, no thats not comics either…oh yeah I got it!!

Finished the first of three strips for the second issue..this was a 12 pager, not going to reveal the storyline, but its a twisty tale as usual. I also completed pencils for 2 pin ups which I’ll be putting in the book. I love doing them, more so than strips I think…I’m actually pretty pleased with them so I might pop them up here once inked….as a treat(and cos I haven’t put any art up for ages!)

So once again, busy doing nothing…or so it seems!

——–subliminal message to all——–



~ by alannolan on August 27, 2009.

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