Long time gone..

Wow, just realised how long its been since I’ve posted anything up here. Well, despite seeming like a lazy bastard I’ve actually been keeping busy.(Mainly watching episodes of Columbo, great stuff!!)

So the comic has eventaully arrived, I’ve been touting it around the shops in Dublin, hopefully I’ll get some good news regarding locations for sales soon. There should also be a number of reviews online soon, I’ll post links…providing the are good that is!!

Other than that, I’ve begun work on volume 2. Stepping away from the stand alone horror style that was book one, this is going to be a more anthology style comic. I am proposing to have one main story of twelve pages, a back up tale of six to eight pages and a few pin ups of the characters thrown in. In the style of the old 1970’s fanzines, don’t you know.

The main story is virtually done, apart from digital clean up and lettering…was going to start today but I’ve torn muscles in my shoulder so no point making things worse spending hours in front of Photoshop. Looks like a bit more Columbo for me!!

London beckons in the morning, Super Furry Animals gig tomorrow night, then a few days sight seeing….lovely!

Here’s some pages to keep ya going….remember, its not the finished piece!



~ by alannolan on July 17, 2009.

One Response to “Long time gone..”

  1. hey al ,

    johnny an i just had a look at the website and i had the pleasure of seeing and reading your comic this week i have to say i never realised you were so talented pictures are fantastic storys pretty cool too,so continued success in your venture.

    all the best
    denisex johnny and meganx

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