So I’m supposed to be making a comic…

Yes, the whole point of this exercise is for me, in all my amateur glory, to produce a comic. Since I began this blog it may seem like it’s not happening. Let’s face it twenty odd posts since October last year isn’t major out-put. However, my slow and steady policy has paid off, and now I have finished all the story art, including lettering, and it is sitting in a folder waiting for me to print up.

Before all that though, there is the business of a cover…what comic sells without one? So I have come up with some ideas and ran over them with M, acting unofficially as editor. We’ve decided on a design and I hope to start working on it later today.

The thing with covers is that they should be eye-catching, and in colour if possible. This is where I will have an issue, as I have always worked in pen and ink only….colour is alien to me. I’ve have decided to go digital to get the end result, so once I finish the line work I’ll be slaving away in Photoshop. Then, once I’ve completed the inside cover, basically thanking those who should be thanked with a little more artwork, it’ll be printing time…which may or may not take weeks to complete.

The main thing I’ve taken from this experience is that, any piece of comic strip art, no matter how shoddy the artwork, or poor the story telling, deserves some form of praise….just getting it finished is an achievement. I’ve learnt a lot working on ‘Hell’s Gate’, and I know that anything I work on after this will be an improvement, and I will be carrying on into the foreseeable  future.


~ by alannolan on April 9, 2009.

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