Writing a blog turns you into a muppet

Well according to a conversation I had with my Girlfriend M last night…Hi M!

Yeah, can you believe it? There I am, writting away, random thoughts, witty asides, pouring my heart out about the joy and pain of trying to forge a career doing something I love…..only to be told that I basically come across as a geek.

It seems some of my posts don’t sound like they come from me…I can agree that I would never, ever say Photoshop…Wow in real life, and would never crack wise about ‘Credit-crunch Comix’ over a frappachino….but this ain’t real world. So it got me thinking…How can I make this blog sound more authentically ‘Al-like’?

Everytime I sit to type something it comes out like this bullshitty, Russell Brand verbious waffle, no matter what I try…..but is it the same for ever blogger? Do you all read back your latest post and think ‘what the fuck??’….This is really starting to freak me out…..mainly cos I drop the g at the end  of every ‘ing’ word when saying it, yet I type the bloody thing!!

Now I’m getting a bit too freaked here….go on have a few pics while I have a sausage sambo….


~ by alannolan on March 26, 2009.

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