Credit crunch comix?

Long time no see eh?

Seem to be putting more distance between posts these days, don’t I? Does that mean I’m churning through the pages, getting ever closer to finishing this little epic…well, sort of.

Truth be told, I am working may way closer to finishing the inks, but at a leisurely pace….leaving plenty of time to brush up old pages and bits I wasn’t too happy with. Safe to say, when I post the completed version I should have a consistent look from panel to panel, and not my usual mish-mash of style. Discipline is proving the hardest part, due to the gaps in time between inking sessions….I tend to pick up a new trick daily and incorporate it into my current pages….so there’s a little difference from page to page..never a good selling point.

My plan for today is to revisit the first ten pages I’ve done (yeah ten, who’d have thunk it??), and try to make the over look more uniform. Going forward into the story I reckon I will bring a consistency to the piece.

The main source for inspiration in getting the inks right has been the comicartfans site, check out Danny Miki’s work…the linework is unreal. I’m not saying my stuff is anywhere near his (fuck no!), but his level of skill at least makes me want to try to achieve my best look.

So no pages to show ya, think I’ll be waiting for the thing to be finished first…but here’s a few old fashioned lunchtime sketches. These may be a thing of the past soon….redundencies have been announced in the job. Not to worry though….if I’m on a permanent lunch imagine how many shit little doodles you’ll get outta me then!!



~ by alannolan on February 17, 2009.

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