Where’ve ya been ya lazy bast..

Yep, its been a while!

Spent the last while enjoying Christmas and the month of December lounging around. Part-time comic production is a slow process! Anyway, have finished the pencils, and have decided to revisit the inks again, so it starts all over again. Got a new set of Speedball nibs off Santa (thanks Santa!), so its been a case of getting used to them for the last while. Tricky little bastards they are too, not like the big old war horses I had been using.

So I’m back in work fulltime after the Christmas break so that means a bit of lunchtime sketching, old habits die hard. So while I try to get around to scanning on some more finished pages heres a few bits n pieces!


I should have the first six pages of Hells Gate inked and posted over the weekend…sans lettering though, that’ll have to wait til the very very end.(Most likely next Christmas!)


~ by alannolan on January 7, 2009.

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