Pencils, pencils, pencils….

Been busy with the pencil this last week. Turned out a good few pages….getting ever closer to the big 24! Looking forward to starting the inks now…pencilling is something I love doing but its the inks that bring it all together.(Lets hope I don’t make a balls of it!)

So here we go…pages 13 through 19 of Hells Gate pencilled…..who called me a lazy bastard??



~ by alannolan on November 20, 2008.

2 Responses to “Pencils, pencils, pencils….”

  1. last few pages are class Al !
    nice angles.
    great action, should look good inked with lots of shadows for a dramatic effect.
    hopefully we’ll see the finished product in the new year.

  2. Cheers Ben,

    Work is under way with the inks already….I’ve just turned into a lazy fucker and haven’t scanned anything up yet……so hopefully sometime in 2009 I’ll get around to it. I’ll have to start measuring time by how many comics I can do….right now its about one every six months!!

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