Its all so quiet!

Yeah…not much been happening around here lately….busy with trips to London and pencilling the next few pages of Hells Gate. So not much to post up here really……but I was feeling kinda bad so I inked a little Robot sketch that I had done for Lia a few weeks back…actually turned out quite good!!



Well, thats about it for now….back to the pencils with me!


~ by alannolan on October 30, 2008.

5 Responses to “Its all so quiet!”

  1. Really nice stuff here Al. Looks a bit different to your Sancho work. Is that intentional?

  2. Wrong spy Paddy…I’m not that Alan Nolan, the names are just an quirk of fate!

    Thanks for the comment though, much appreciated!

  3. Loving your work al!! very impressed, very evil robot, or is it good its just fed up with the world like me??

  4. Maybe he’s just confused cos he don’t dig the metal flares I made him wear….stupid Robot??

  5. yeah but they go so well with his belt, silly robot!!

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