Finally…Inks.(And the dreaded page 12)

Hi All,

As Bob kindly pointed out…the images I’ve put up have been scanned raw, with no tweaking. Well thats not gonna happen again….not now that I’ve been bothered running them through Photoshop and adjusted them all slightly!! But you can feck off if you think I’m posted all the old shit again!

Here’s the inks done for the six pages of Hells Gate……

Today, I’m gonna tackle 12th page of the story….the previous pages 7 to 11 having been done a while back. From the end of page 12 on the pace of the story picks up a great deal, and I’m really looking forward to getting stuck in….having next week off work should help, and with a bit of focus I should nail at least page a day…makes a change from the page a week I was getting through!!

Enjoy your Sunday!


~ by alannolan on October 12, 2008.

3 Responses to “Finally…Inks.(And the dreaded page 12)”

  1. M is the girl in this isn’t it?? i’m right aren’t i?? or it could be mr sideburn but she has done alot to get rid of the sideburns and that wouldn’t be fair to slag her over them!! hee hee

  2. Wrong…on both counts!!

    And now she’s gonna kill ya!

  3. ah no, i thought i got it there!! damn!! where is she?? is it a picture of a man??

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